Hike the Washington/Ozaukee County Chapter

Download a Regional Map and Segment Descriptions

To see a regional overview map of Ice Age Trail segments in this area and a free excerpt from our Ice Age Trail Companion Guide 2011 providing driving directions and descriptions of each segment, click here to download a map/description packet. For highly detailed maps suitable for hike navigation, check out our Ice Age Trail Atlas.

Notes on Route Changes and Current Conditions

The map below shows all official Ice Age National Scenic Trail segments (blue lines; actual trail is marked with yellow blazes) and unofficial connecting routes (green lines; actual routes are unmarked). Notes (if any) on route changes and current conditions are indicated by “push pins” on the map; details for each push pin are shown below the map.

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The data shown on this map is for general information purposes only. The Ice Age Trail Alliance gives no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of these data. It is strongly recommended that only the Ice Age Trail Atlas and Ice Age Trail Companion Guide 2011 be used as official resources for information about the Trail.

As the Ice Age Trail evolves toward completion its route changes over time as volunteers build new sections and other sections are rerouted or closed. Weather and activities such as hunting and land management (e.g., logging) can also alter Trail navigation and access. Pushpins on the map above and detailed comments below (if any) are intended to keep Ice Age Trail users up to date on current Trail conditions and route changes (compared with the Ice Age Trail Atlas and Ice Age Trail Companion Guide 2011).

Washington/Ozaukee County:Conditions Report

Northern Kewaskum Segment Conditions Report

effective date: Apr 01, 2010

Ice Age Trail Atlas Map 86f; Ice Age Trail Companion Guide p. 69

Parking for this segment is available at Ridge Road, Sunburst Ski Area or the McDonald's on US Highway 45. During wet weather periods, the tunnel under Hwy 45 often fills with water. Follow the highway shoulders and cross Hwy 45 at the stoplights instead.

Washington/Ozaukee County:Parking Notes

Loew Lake Segment Parking Notes

effective date: Apr 11, 2010

Ice Age Trail Atlas Map 83f; Ice Age Trail Companion Guide p. 78

There is NO roadside parking on the Washington County side of County Hwy Q in the Monches area. Roadside parking is available on Hwy E in Waukesha County or 0.5 miles east on Hwy Q at the DNR parking lot.

Washington/Ozaukee County:Conditions Report

Southern Kewaskum Segment Conditions Report

effective date: Apr 11, 2010

Ice Age Trail Atlas Map 86f; Ice Age Trail Companion Guide p. 70

There is a low area about halfway through the segment that holds water after heavy rains and spring meltwaters. Bypassing the wet area to the south can be difficult. Plan accordingly.

Washington/Ozaukee County:Signage Note

Ice Age Trail Interpretive Signage in Washington County

effective date: Jun 24, 2010

Ice Age Trail Atlas Map 83f-87f; Ice Age Trail Companion Guide p. 65

Interpretive signs located throughout the county enhance the hiker's experience by providing information about the Ice Age, IATA history and Washington County. Enjoy a bit of learning as you hike our county.

Washington/Ozaukee County:Current Conditions Report

Cedar Lakes Segment Conditions Report

effective date: Apr 19, 2011

Ice Age Trail Atlas Map 85f; Ice Age Trail Companion Guide p. 73

Some of this segment crosses agricultural fields that may become muddy during wet weather periods.

Washington/Ozaukee County:New DCA

New Dispersed Camping Area on the Kewaskum Segment

effective date: Jul 01, 2012

Ice Age Trail Atlas Map 86f; Ice Age Trail Companion Guide p. 69

A new Dispersed Camping Area to serve multi-day Ice Age Trail hikers is now available in Washington County! Located just north of Ridge Road on the Kewaskum Segment in Washington County, on IATA-owned lands known as the Otten Preserve, the Dispersed Camping Area (DCA) is intended for long-distance hikers (those hiking multiple days) needing a place to legally pitch their tent. No water or toilet facilities are available; no fires are permitted (except cook stoves). A maximum of six people allowed per night. Users are asked, and expected, to leave no trace of their visit.

Washington/Ozaukee County:New Trail Segment

New section of Milwaukee River Segment complete

effective date: Aug 30, 2013

Ice Age Trail Atlas Map 86f; Ice Age Trail Companion Guide p. 67

This new 2.5-mile section extending the Milwaukee River Segment is the result of a 2013 Mobile Skills Crew Project. The route travels through an ag field, provides views of the scenic river valley, and fills what was a gap in the route of the Ice Age Trail. You can now enjoy a continuous 36-mile off-road hike of the Ice Age Trail through Washington, Fond du Lac, & Sheboygan Counties.

With the completion of the project, a new DNR parking lot was opened off of Hwy H just west of the Milwaukee River bridge.  While it provides easy access to the new section of Trail, please use caution crossing the bridge if you are continuing north on the trail towards New Fane. The bridge is narrow and traffic moves quickly along Hwy H!

If you take a hike on the Ice Age Trail, please let us know how it went. Trail user reports are key to our ability to keep the Ice Age Trail well-maintained and user-friendly. If you notice something during your hike that you think should be included on this page, please let us know by contacting the Ice Age Trail Alliance main office (800-227-0046, info@iceagetrail.org). As you hike, please keep in mind that the Ice Age Trail is largely built and maintained by volunteers. We can always use your help! Contact the chapter coordinator or visit the chapter's events calendar to learn how you can get involved.